Project Description

The Final Note

Many children are natural-born performers, and Izzy was no exception. She took every opportunity to perform for herself and others, no matter where. As this painting suggests, even an old, decrepit piano will still tempt a child to create music. The sun is setting on this broken piano’s last performance, but no doubt our young musician will find another stage.

Original: 24×30 — $640.00

Size Photo Print Giclée Canvas Print
5×7 $7.00 $38.00
8×10 $10.00 $46.00
9×12 $12.00 $48.00
11×14 $15.00 $60.00
16×20 $35.00 $106.00
18×24 $50.00 $136.00
24×30 $94.00 $200.00

All sizes are in inches. Shipping is not included in prices. Additional sizes available upon request.

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