Project Description

Lonely Night

Izzy used to spend hours practicing at the home of her “adoptive grandparents,” Ted and Leah. They loved to hear her play, and she enjoyed their company with laughter over lunch. Ted recently passed away, and Lonely Piano is both a response to that sorrow and a tribute to his memory. Imagine for a moment, as Izzy likes to think, that Ted can still hear her piano playing from up in heaven.

Original: 22×28 — SOLD

Size Photo Print Giclée Canvas Print
5×7 $7.00 $38.00
8×10 $10.00 $46.00
9×12 $12.00 $48.00
11×14 $15.00 $60.00
16×20 $35.00 $106.00
18×24 $50.00 $136.00

All sizes are in inches. Shipping is not included in prices. Additional sizes available upon request.

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