Project Description


Long practice hours, forced repertoire, and constant correction: this powerful self-portrait, Academia, best represents how Izzy felt while studying music at the University level. She often felt trapped within the confines of her circumstances, no longer able to use music as an escape from reality or a release of emotions. With its dull, empty stare, the marionette doll encompasses the bleakness of the college experience.

Original: 18×24 — $294.00

Size Photo Print Giclée Canvas Print
5×7 $7.00 $38.00
8×10 $10.00 $46.00
9×12 $12.00 $48.00
11×14 $15.00 $60.00
16×20 $35.00 $106.00
18×24 $50.00 $136.00
24×30 $94.00 $200.00

All sizes are in inches. Shipping is not included in prices. Additional sizes available upon request.

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