The Marvelous Carriage Series

Princess Zoe and Her Marvelous Carriage

In Princess Zoe and Her Marvelous Carriage, Princess Zoe and her family travel around in her beloved old carriage. However, not all the princesses at school think Princess Zoe’s carriage is marvelous, and she is bullied. With help from King Nicholaus, Princess Zoe learns to stand up for herself.

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In Princess Hallie and the Intergalatic Marvelous Carriage, Princess Hallie sneaks off and takes her own adventure in the Marvelous Carriage. While visiting her alien friend Penelope on the moon, the girls decide to both come back to Earth. With Penelope secretly on Earth, all kinds of crazy things start happening around Princess Hallie and her family! Princess Hallie speaks up and learns the importance of telling the truth.

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Ongoing Art and Piano Lessons

Call 417.827.6553 (mobile) Or Fill Out Form Below To Schedule An Interview Or Lessons


Lessons are offered at 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. Rates are based on the number of lessons in each semester. The cost of the total number of lessons is divided between the months. Tuition rates can range from approximately $133-141 each month for weekly 30 minute lessons. A variety of mediums are taught, letting the child pick their favorite to work on!



Lessons are offered at 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. Rates are based on the number of lessons in each semester. The cost of the total number of lessons is divided between the months. Tuition rates can range from approximately $133-141 each month for weekly 30 minute lessons.


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    We came to Izzy Anderson when our piano teacher found a new teaching job. We were very attached to our teacher and felt nervous about finding someone new. After our child’s trial lesson, we knew Ms. Anderson was the right teacher for us. First of all, our daughter came out of the lesson smiling. She was very excited to work with this kind, fun instructor. When we spoke to Ms. Anderson about moving our daughter into competitions and festivals, she was happy to do some research to explore what would be right for her. She was also willing to adopt our former teacher’s method of assigning piano practice, a method that has worked for us. Overall, we find Ms. Anderson to be accommodating, motivating to our daughter – who has improved immeasurably under her tutelage, and a pleasure to have as our piano teacher.

    Linda M.

    Izzy Anderson has been a delight to work with as we have watched our daughter grow in musicianship and enjoyment of the piano over the past year and a half.  Her flexibility in musical styles has been so helpful because not all students want to play the classics. Izzy knew just how to work a little “classical mellow magic” into the lessons so that our daughter not only agreed to participate in the San Antonio Music Teacher’s Association Achievement Auditions last spring, but received a “Superior” rating as well.

    Izzy uses the latest and greatest technology (texts, digital lesson plans, email, etc.)  to keep up with parents’ and students’ busy lives, so we are always on the same page as far as lessons, recitals and other events are concerned.  She has been a friend and encourager as well as a teacher, and it has been a privilege to get to know her.  Oh, and don’t forget to check out her original artwork!

    Katherine J

    Izzy Anderson is a phenomenal teacher. Our daughter always looks forward to her lessons with Izzy because Izzy has such a wonderful teaching style and is such a remarkable person (besides a full teaching schedule, Izzy also finds time to pursue interests such as art and volunteer work). She is friendly, nurturing, and approachable yet is also able to get the best from her students. She manages to gently keep her students on track with an encouraging word. Of particular note is the fact that Izzy goes out of her way to help our daughter find musical pieces that are of interest to her–pieces that will keep her motivated to practice and perform. In addition, when life has gotten busy and our daughter hasn’t been able to practice as much as she’d like, Izzy has helped her find ways to more efficiently practice to get the most out of the time she is able to spend on piano. We highly recommend Izzy as a piano instructor!

    Chris & Kim K.

    Art lessons can be so inspiring, fun, and encouraging. I took a group painting lesson instructed by Izzy Anderson and what a joy it was! Izzy instructed us in a way that was easy to follow and at the same time encouraged our own creativity. I have my painting hanging on the wall at home and enjoy seeing what I created. I also did a 30-day art challenge per Izzy’s prompts. I love drawing but hadn’t done it in many years. I appreciated the opportunity to start drawing again. Some pictures were fun, some more challenging, and some very artistic. I really enjoyed the variety and the encouragement from Izzy. It was great!

    Trish R.
    IZZY ANDERSONMusic and Art Instructor, Artist

    Meet The Teacher

    Izzy Anderson has a multi-faceted career as both a professional musician and an award-winning artist. Her love of teaching has culminated in the creation of Izzy’s Artistic & Musical Academy, which provides students with an engaging studio environment where creativity is nurtured.

    With over ten years of private and studio piano teaching experience, Izzy is well equipped to meet the needs of each student she encounters. Following her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Missouri State University, Izzy graduated from the University of Texas – San Antonio with her Masters in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. During her Masters, she wrote a paper examining adaptive approaches to teaching students with dyslexia. This paper topic paved the way for years of interest and research into the idea of an individualized approach for studio teaching, which can be applied to both piano and painting lessons. Izzy carefully chooses pieces or projects that are the right fit for her students’ abilities and learning styles, with the ultimate goal for students to have fun and enjoy learning.

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    Current Students:

    Refer a friend for either piano or art lessons and upon sign up, your friend will receive $10 off next month’s tuition and you’ll receive $10 off every month for the remainder of the semester! There is no cap on the number of referrals.

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