Miss Anderson focuses on teaching not just the basics, but on the musicality of each child. Every lesson is tailored to the expectations decided between both parents and teacher. Although Miss Anderson uses a specific curriculum to make sure the foundations are learned, she encourages students to find what style and type of music interests them and is happy to teach any and all types.

Miss Anderson’s students are encouraged to participate in numerous activities throughout the year. There are two recitals every year and participation is mandatory.


When can I enroll?


Where are you located?

Lessons are offered near 1604/OConnor. In-home lessons are also offered on a limited basis to Olmos Park, Alamo Heights, and Terrell Hills

Is there a registration fee?


What ages do you teach piano?

Starting from five years old through adults.

How do I register for piano lessons?

Contact Miss Anderson using the contact form on the Contact page or the form on this page to schedule a free interview and/or to schedule lessons. You may also reach her by phone at 417.827.6553 (mobile).

Do I need a piano to take piano lessons?

Absolutely. During the free interview, Miss Anderson would be happy to discuss what types of pianos/keyboards would be adequate.

What is your rate?

Rates are based on the number of lessons in each semester. The cost of the total number of lessons is divided between the months. Tuition rates can range from approximately $129-133 each month for weekly 30 minute lessons.

Do you offer group lessons?

No, only individual lessons

How long is a lesson?

Lessons are offered at 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.


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