Miss Anderson teaches a variety of mediums and will tailor lessons to the interest of the child. Art lessons can be either individual or group. Group lessons are a fun, inexpensive way to learn about drawing and more in a small, close-knit group environment. Students learn the basics of drawing and other useful skills to help create their own art. Miss Anderson looks for opportunities to display student’s artwork throughout San Antonio.


When can I enroll?


Is there a registration fee?


What ages do you teach art?

Starting from six years old through adults.

How do I register for art lessons?

Contact Miss Anderson using the contact form on the Contact page or the form on this page to schedule a free interview and/or to schedule lessons. You may also reach her by phone at 417.827.6553 (mobile).

What supplies do I need?

Lessons begin with trying out all kinds of mediums. Once the student decides which one they like best, you will purchase your own supplies. A list will be provided as needed.

Do you offer group lessons?

Only individual art lessons at this time.

How long is a lesson?

Depending on the medium, art lessons start from 30 minutes


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